Kantaicon is an anime event that will be held on Oct 24th, 2020 at the AAF Tank Museum. Vendors and Artists will be selling their wares and cosplay is encouraged!

The AAF Tank Museum is located at:

3401 U.S. 29
Danville, VA 24540


Previous Kantaicon locations:



Meet the fleet!

USS Yorktown (CV-10) The aircraft carrier and flagship of the KantaiCon fleet! She  holds an extensive collection of aircraft ranging from WW2 era through to the modern day. You can get into the cockpit of some of the aircraft. Food is available aboard for Yorktown. To learn about her history, click here https://www.patriotspoint.org/explore_museum/uss_yorktown/
USS Clamagore (SS-343) The only Guppy III submarine preserved in the US, the Clamagore is too tight on space for any events, but is on site for viewing, touring, and photoshoots. To learn about her history, click here https://www.patriotspoint.org/explore_museum/uss_clamagore/
USS Laffey (DD-724) The destroyer of the fleet! Between the bridge and numerous guns, you’ll find plenty of great photoshoot and hangout locations aboard. To learn about her history, click here https://www.patriotspoint.org/explore_museum/uss_laffey/
Attack on Titan Wall Cannons: All members of the Stationary Guard are asked to man the cannons to protect KantaiCon from titans and the occasional kaiju coming out of the harbor.